Providing Indigenous Women of Canada opportunities to share and discuss issues that concern one another on a national basis, and to provide a forum that looks at solutions to the issues faced.

Company Overview

Enhance the well-being of individuals & collective agreements under Sovereignty of Coast Salish Territory for the purpose of a national voice. Increase individual and collective governance and Indigenous management.
Advancement of Indigenous women across all levels of government, public and private sector, and gain self-governance and management.Building capacity and initiatives in all areas of programming and services for Indigenous women & children designed to meet their needs in Canadian Society in cooperation with Indigenous organizations for future advancement and agreements. We promote participation of Indigenous women for all stages and levels of personal development.

We place the interest of Indigenous women and children above self-interest. Utilizing traditional and cultural protocols valuing women and children’s rights. Charter of Rights and Freedoms of religion and acting with honesty and integrity, and strive to enhance equality within a foreign belief systems. To apply Indigenous traditional justice initiatives within existing national justice system for appropriate treatment using Indigenous traditional and cultural value system. We offer wisdom, technology and intelligence.

We are a group of Indigenous women from across Canada who remain intact at the “grass roots” connected to one another through our spiritual beliefs, love of Mother Earth and all beings that dwell within. We believe in positive force that pushes us to excel, spread hope, love and joy to those we come in contact with.
National Executive Director

Email: wordoflaw2013@gmail.com


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